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Big Data, Little Data, No Data

Big Data, Little Data, No Data...

2015-07-23 08:13 0 Dailymotion

Data maray Data

Muhammad Zeeshan Gohar Qadri...

2015-09-11 02:16 78 Dailymotion

Data Entry Services, Data Processing, Data Coversion, Data Mining Services Data Entry Solution

Data entry solution providing outsourcing services like data entry service, data processing services, data conversion services, forms processing services and tr...

2014-02-06 02:47 25 Dailymotion

EMR EHR Data Archiving, Data Migration, Data Conversion & Data Extraction

Triyam, Data Migration and Data Management Solutions for Healthcare Industry. We provide EMR EHR Data Archival, Data Conversion, Data Extraction and Data Migrat...

2021-03-11 01:04 5 Dailymotion

DCarsonCPA on Data and Big Data Cycles, Data Input, Data Tables and Data Outputs

DCarsonCPA on Data and Big Data Cycles, Data Input, Data Tables and Data Outputs support lines on Project Management and Business Analysis from DCarsonCPA at ht...

2015-12-15 00:12 8 Dailymotion

Data Glitch

A New Distortion Plugin for After Effects to simulate realistic Image and Data Glitch effects. The plugin is available for download at

2010-07-22 00:44 0 Vimeo


Ryoji Ikeda "data.tron" (2008) ---- 池田亮司『data.tron』(2008年)

2012-12-26 02:24 0 Vimeo


Earth views focusing on climate data and other visualisations. After Effects + VCP ORB + many other plugins. Shipping data simulated in Houdini. Climate data co...

2019-12-11 00:57 0 Vimeo

Tidy Data

This presentation was given to the NYC Open Statistical Computing Meetup by Hadley Wickham, Assistant Professor of Statistics at Rice University, and creator of...

2011-12-15 58:45 0 Vimeo

Data Visualisers for NHK DATA NAVI

We produced an application of data visualization, for a monthly TV show of data information on NHK, DATA NAVI, for three times. The app was operated in the live...

2015-12-04 00:56 0 Vimeo