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Where Can I Get A Flu Shot

Why Get a Flu Shot?

Why Get a Flu Shot?...

2015-08-15 00:58 9 Dailymotion

Caillou gets a Flu Shot

Caillou has to get a flu shot or he will be grounded!...

2016-03-26 01:16 685 Dailymotion

Here's Where You Can Get a Free Flu Shot Right Now—With or Without Insurance

Seriously, it's time....

2020-09-29 01:07 110,308 Dailymotion

Flu Shots | Family Getting Flu Shots | Kids x4

Flu Shots | Family Getting Flu Shots | Kids x4...

2015-06-06 05:35 137 Dailymotion

Cheerleader Gets A Swine Flu Shot

Experts claim serious side effects of flu shots amount to about one in a million - well this is what that one in a million looks like. This has freaked me out e...

2009-10-22 02:17 112,338 Dailymotion

Dr. Robert Wesley talks Flu Season

Dr. Robert Wesley discusses what you can do to keep you and those around you healthy this flu season! Full Transcript of Dr. Wesley: "I'm Rob Wesley. I'm a f...

2017-10-18 02:35 0 Vimeo

Show your gratitude for our 2020 graduates on Dec. 11

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and that you did so in the culture of prevention — because we have more holidays comi...

2020-12-02 02:12 0 Vimeo